OnDemandSoft had started from university laboratory in 1998 is specialized in medical image processing with success of developing 3D ultrasound imaging rendering program.

 For last two decades, we have been working in developing medical image processing solutions for Ultrasound system, CT, MRI and X-ray.

Our software applications are integrated into our partners’ ultrasound systems.



We have been concentrating on improving image quality for more realistic image. The stunning image quality, fast volume frame and intuitive user interface are what we value the most for our 3D/4D rendering program.

 Also, what we value for partners who have chosen our product is to listen close to their various voices, not to ignore their request and respond quickly, although it doesn’t bring us money for now.

We know that their requests made our product to get better and we grow with our partners.




1. 4D Ultrasound Volume Rendering Solution


2. iClear (Medical Image Enhancing Solution)


iClear is Image Enhancing Solution for the medical imaging system such as Ultrasound, X-ray, CT, MRI and Mammography. It reduces speckle and noise and enhances edge in realtime. Therefore, it improves contrast resolution and overall clarity of image.

We provide 3~5 of filter set with different enhancing level optimized for characteristics of our partners’ medical imaging system.



Original Image

Enhanced Image

3.  iPano(Ultrasound Panoramic Imaging Solution)


Panoramic imaging is technique that produces images with a large anatomic field of view at one time scan. It allows visualization of anatomical structures and relationships therefore it is very useful for diagnosis of thyroid (shows both lobes), Testicles, breast, musculoskeletal field and etc.

Right image is result panorama image which is image enhancing filter is applied. Compare both image qualities. Image enhancing filter makes speckle reduced and edge enhanced.


Thyroid – multinodular thyroid


Leg-long axis scan

36weeks fetal phantom





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